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Veg Only Non Veg Only

Pasta Veg

Pasta Pomodoro Basilico

(pasta with quintessential tomato and basil sauce,one of the best Italian pasta)

Pasta Alfredo

(sauce consists of cream, butter, parmesan, pepper,pinch of nutmeg and white wine)

Pasta Al Pesto

(home made basil pesto,ripe juice tomato concasse,splash of cream,you will love)

Pasta Aglio E olio

(a simple classic Italian pasta dish of garlic. olive oil, parsley, parmesan shavings)

Pasta Balsamico Caponata

(Gurgaon's favourite - grilled veg, plum tomatoes, capers,sundried tomatoes,balsamic)

Veg Lasagna Al Forno

(layered vegatables,pasta sheets,tomato basil sauce,topped with cheese & baked in oven)

Pasta Non Veg

Pasta Pollo Alfredo

(chicken stripes cooked along rich cream sauce,garlic,olives and sprinkled parmesan)

Pasta Carbonara

(pasta tossed in butter, pancetta,chicken, garlic and sprinkled with parsley and parmesan)

Pasta Salsiccia E Spinaci

(sausages,baby spianch,lots of garlic, parmesan, tossed together with pasta)

Pasta Al Ragu Di Pollo

(pasta cooked in ragu sauce,chicken, basil,shavings of parmesan,concasse of tomato)

Pasta Alla Shrimp Il Coco

(a wonderful fusion of pasta with lemongrass & coconut milk,shrimps and basil,chef's favourite)

Il Secondo veg

Saffron Infused Mediterranean Risotto

(creamy textured risotto with vegetables, white wine, butter,touch of saffron)

Grilled Paneer Steak in Pesto

(paneer steak marinated in pesto,roast potatoes,buttered garlic vegetables,served with pesto cream)

Il Secondo Non Veg

Grilled Thyme Chicken

(juicy grilled chicken,thyme, roast potatoes,buttered garlic veg,parsley sauce)

Chicken Pancetta Risotto

(arborio rice cooked along pancetta and chicken,flavoured with wine and Italian herbs)

Panfried Sole Fillet ,lemon capers sauce

(crispy panfried sole fillet,buttered veg,roast potatoes and served with lemon caper sauce)


Garlic Bread

(5 slices of french loaf,smothered in garlic and rosemary butter)

Buttered Garlic Vegetables

(sauteed mediteranean vegetables in garlic,butter and parsley)

Roasted Oregano Potatoes

(roast potatoes,sprinkled with oregano and cracked black pepper)

Grilled Zucchini

(slices of zucchini,chargrilled,sprinkled with oregano and olive oil)


(classic French side dish)

AntiPasti Marinated Olives

(olives marinated in olive oil,rosemary,garlic and lemon)



Red Velvet Cream Cheese

Death By Chocolate